Students in Upper School Ceramics and Sculpture have reinvented the wheel this semester, pivoting towards creating sculptures with what they have at home. To unpack and reflect on the strange time that we are presenting living in, they were invited to contemplate the following questions: How does humanity transcend uncertainty? Does the human spirit have limitations? 


To capture their perspectives and emotions as teenagers amid these uncertain times, students selected from the following project choices: an object ‘Snapshot’, an isolation chair, a replica of a most-used object, a found poetry 3D collage, a socially distanced walk outdoor sculpture, and a song installation. We looked at artists like Tara Donovan, Andy Goldsworthy, Jenny Holzer, Donald Judd, and Eva Hesse for inspiration. From these open-ended prompts, students experimented with trying new processes, where ‘mistakes’ were documented and celebrated. They collectively created an immensely diverse body of artwork using a mix of both conventional art supplies and unorthodox materials, that explores both inner-self and self in relation to our community and society-at-large. 

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Teacher:  Stephanie Teo

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PLEASE NOTE: If your child’s artwork is not featured in one of the Art Show's galleries, they might have been absent or ill on the particular day each group of photos was taken. We want to include all students, so please note that any omissions are not intentional.


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