For this project Students selected a letter, or letters to find someone who advocated for social change and to celebrate their accomplishments/identity that would be folded in to a larger alphabet book. The idea is that while we teach A is for Apple we could also begin to address social justice ideas at a young age.

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Teacher:  Jesse Pasca


This project had students pair up. One student was a designer and the other the client. The students interviewed their clients in order to best create a logo that encapsulated the ‘identity’ of their subjects.


The students engaged in critiques, fine-tuning their logos and worked with their clients in order to best pose the photographs presented alongside their finished logos.


This was a project in graphic design where students interpreted the Musical- Spring Awakenings based on the descriptions about the play and the desires of the musical production given to the class by Steve Borowka… ….  It was a friendly competition where Steve Borowka eventually selected Graham Hall’s design as the winner. It would have been featured on the school poster and playbill.



Students selected a song and were tasked with visually depicting the layers and complexity they found within it when listened to repeatedly. Using their findings, they played with shape, line, texture and pattern to build a dynamic composition that connected to their song.

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PLEASE NOTE: If your child’s artwork is not featured in one of the Art Show's galleries, they might have been absent or ill on the particular day each group of photos was taken. We want to include all students, so please note that any omissions are not intentional.


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